Bruno Gremez is a Fintech Entrepreneur @ Fincluziv, based in Seattle, WA, USA. Fincluziv is a fintech startup offering a Software-as-a-Service to banks that automates earned wage access and / or employer-sponsored small dollar loans benefiting both employers and employees.

space grey ipad air with graph on brown wooden table

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Bruno Gremez is a Fintech entrepreneur based in Seattle. He co-founded Smart Fintex to develop various fintech projects (first fintech project is Fincluziv), and CT&F, a financial advisory firm specialised in commodities. Before co-founding these two start-ups, Bruno gained twenty years international banking experience in Export & Project Finance and in Energy Commodities. He has worked with ABN AMRO and BNP Paribas in multiple locations including Brussels, Moscow, Paris, Amsterdam and has extensive experience of emerging markets, commodities and finance. He writes from time to time on subjects of personal interest, especially on financial inclusion.

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